Beatmool is a music producer/dj from Vancouver, Canada.

Beatmool’s melodic approach to sound is often led by instruments such as piano and electric guitar. His organic style of production has landed him releases under RAM Records, ProgRAM, Flexout Audio, and 170+ Recordings. With trip-hop, post-rock and ambient music being the biggest influence, Beatmool guides his listeners through his beautiful selection of sounds.

As a multi-instrumentalist and a producer, Beatmool explores blending sounds of both live instruments and electronics through his musical imagination. He has matured his sound by receiving his bachelor’s degree in music composition. As a DJ, Beatmool has played various radio stations, festivals and shows in UK, Croatia, and Canada followed by the release of his first single “Greenfall” in September, 2018.

Born in Korea, Beatmool was introduced to piano at a young age and he quickly found joy in making original music. In 2001 he moved to Vancouver, Canada at the age of 12. His interest shifted to guitar after watching his friend shred an epic solo at a school concert. Beatmool soon realized his love for producing original music when he acquired GarageBand in 2007. His real pursuit of musical journey, however, truly began when he quit his job to start busking on the streets with a guitar and a loop pedal in 2011. His hunger for originality and creativity eventually drove him to audition for B.A.A. in Contemporary Music Composition at VCC School of Music, where he graduated from a 4-year degree program. In 2014, he launched his solo electroacoustic project Prepurity, which eventually transformed into his instrumental rock project. At this time he also launched his record label Pulse Palace to release his own music. In mid-2018, he made the decision to separately launch his project Beatmool, focusing on the musical and liquid spectrum of Drum & Bass and its derivatives.

With his passion and endless pursuit of perfecting his art, Beatmool aims to share the music he loves with the world.

Beatmool/빗물 (read as bin-mul, or BEAT-mool) translates to “rainwater” in English.